Here is I introduce some Backpack hiking food ideas

Hiking is endurance work that tires you out by putting you under long hours of walking and sweating, so our body craves for vitamins and minerals to recover. Do not think of getting any food just because it is lightweight and more long lasting. Counting calories and eating appropriate amount of food is important to keep the balance of your physical activity and intake.

Hydrating foods

Sweating makes you lose water and sodium that can make you vomit and dehydrate.

  • Fruits- 91% of strawberry is water and fiber. Also, it has been shown that it reduces inflammation to protect against heart diseases and various types of cancer. Dried fruits are great option for hiking snacks since they do not get squashed and bruised. Oranges are rich in water and vitamin.
  • Regulating sodium level is important, it promotes the proper Ph balance in our body. Packaged and processed foods are high in sodium so try to have whole foods or make it yourself cause homemade foods include less but appropriate level of sodium.
  • Whole foods– Grains have variety of micronutrients and fiber that fuels your body. Oats and bread have whole grain that is good source of fiber that is essential for healthy digestive system.
  • Tea- barley tea is based on whole grain and can make you feel full longer.


Depending on how athletic you are the amount of the protein you should take will increase. Mostly, carrying nuts with you is the best choice. Because nuts have healthy fats and protein calories to solve your hunger and lightweight and ready food.

  • Which nut is the best? Walnuts- they are rich in minerals, vitamins and omega-3 to make you run efficiently. Minerals helps you to recover faster and improve metabolism. Calories it contains are high, so it gives you more energy.
  • Eggs- Hard boiled eggs can be outside of the fridge for 3-5 days.
  • Protein bars
  • Meats- prepare it in several ways to not make it go rotten. Dehydrating meat is process of removing water from the product. Canning meat in a jar with some salt and seasoning can make beef jerky. Bacon is perfect to bring on backpack trip because it is easy to cook, lightweight and tasty.


Carbs refills your energy and makes you feel full for longer. Hiking makes you lose a lot of calories.

  • Sweet potatoes- these are nutritious root vegetables can be cooked easily, so roast it a day before your trip.
  • Sandwiches- Chicken sandwiches are classic, do not include a cheese in any of your food because it digests slowly that makes you feel heavy and harder.

Long trip plan

If you are planning to cook, have some ingredients that can add taste to your foods.


Hiking will make you tired and worn out, so for those with intense cravings cannot be satisfied without snacks.

  • Energy chews
  • Chocolate – Chocolate is not best snack while hiking if you think of eating it a lot, so have a small amount regularly.
  • Peas – Do not wash them until you eat to have it fresh. It is nutritious and popular snackamong hikers.


Besides fruits, and vegetables are fresh foods that we need to stay healthy.

  • Seaweeds are ultra-lightweight and last a long time, so make some snacks or soup with it.
  • Carrots can be consumed directly

Vitamin supplements

In some cases, there can be a shortage of some vitamins in your body so taking multivitamin or other vitamins that hydrates your body is not a bad idea as well.

Avoid fast foods because they are greasy and fatty only makes you slow down. Carbonated drinks cause bloating which lead to discomfort by spiking your blood sugar. Pack moderate amount of food depending on duration of your trip. Most people overpack foods and that only makes it hard for them.

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