Taking care of our health is an important part of our lives, so a lot of people are interested in physical activities. Even it is a tiny bit extra move that you usually do a day, there will be a result and will be helpful to reboot our energy and stamina.

Is hiking better than running? Yes, Running is a famous exercise that comes to our mind before any exercise. Also, it is mostly done exercise at the gym, in the gym that I attend there are more than 20 treadmills, and more people are seen to be trying to run as much as they can while the other equipment and workout area are less busy.

Hiking and running are outdoor activities from the beginning but since the development of technology, humans have invented many types of equipment to save our time and mainly for the purpose of physical activity, but it is beneficial for most people if the activity is outdoor. Of course, we all do have different types of bodies and minds, so let’s find a suitable activity for ourselves.

How beneficial is hiking


Hiking can be interesting because we can enjoy nature and fulfilling our healthy level of activities to not get any diseases. Generally, people who are physically more active are less likely to get a stroke, heart disease, and diabetes. Hiking is a whole body workout it requires the hiker to carry a certain amount of weight which increases the endurance level and a complete set of every exercise because we do lunges, squats and jumping. As a result, we could learn how to manage our breathing much easily. For people who are trying to lose weight, hiking is a safe and harmless way.

The lifestyle that we are leading now is stressful to most of us, in order to be apart from those even for a while can help us to clear our mind, Hiking would be perfect to calm down those anxious feelings. If we find peace of mind, it will help us to have deep sleep that recovers the dead cells of our mind and body because even sleeping is the part of exercising.

How walking helps bone health

In some parts of the world, it is hard to see sunlight from autumn to fall, basically 3⁄4 of the whole year. So, vitamin D which is most helpful for bone is not there, that is why the additional needs of vitamin need to be used. On top of this walking, running or, hiking will allow us to not lose bone density and stronger body that gives stable condition to our body and less injuries.

Everyone can do hiking

Most of the people who are overweight or less able to handle different activities can do hiking even the ones who are completely out of shape. While slowly adapting it to your body gradually increasing the distance you will get used to it.

Is hiking better than running?

I try to spend 20 minutes on treadmill by combining running and walking and the change that happened to my body is visible. I can feel I am becoming lighter and more confident in myself but there are some injuries that I got because of sudden pressure. So pre and post exercises are essential to prevent from any injuries.

But hiking can be different because we do not have to go fast as running which make our legs at risk of injuries. Breathing is harder thing when running, mostly lack of breath makes me pause from running faster and the heartbeat makes me unable to function anymore. The painful feeling that I get from running is showing how I am a shortage of physical activity, but I was able to do hiking the whole day because it is gentler.

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