Hiking is a long walk so equipment that is required for sure is shoes and among those many types of shoes
which one should we wear? and do you need special shoes for hiking? Let’s dive into hiking shoes.

Of course, you need special shoes for hiking. So, walking for a long time gives pressure on feet a lot and if you
wear shoes that do not fit, it will probably make your day into a nightmare.

Once I went hiking on the mountain by rocky trail and it was extremely slippery because there was a river flowing through it. At the time, I was wearing running shoes that had a comparably flat platform so they got wet and I was keep falling down.

To not have this kind of situation rather be comfortable and confident, make sure to look up the structure of the way and be prepared. Then let’s take a look which type of shoes are suitable for which situation.

Is it suitable to wear running shoes for hiking?

These days people are using running shoes, There are mainly two types of running shoes.

running shoes
  • Road runners
  • Trail runners

Roadrunners are more slippery and have less traction than trail runners cause it was designed for the road and easily get worn out then becomes smooth more easily and lacking to give support to the ankle when we walk for long by carrying a heavy backpack but there is nothing wrong with it.

If you hike for a day by a less challenging route. While trail runners have more grip, toe protection and
most of them are designed to protect from the rain with a high-top design.

Also, the material of the shoes are important so make sure to look at how breathable and dryable. Because
no one wants to go with their smelly and wet feet right? But it is completely fine to wear any of it depending on your preference.

Most suitable shoes for hiking

We were talking about running shoes are not that bad idea but everyone wants the best option for
their comfort. Therefore, hiking shoes have been created, it is a shoe that has combined running shoes
with boots.

Boots are good option as well but some people say it is too much and makes their feet hurt by buckling too much. How demanding are we? It is funny that every one of it is lacking, that is why we are keep trying to find the best one.

Hiking shoes have different types as well, Lighter ones are for less challenging terrain while when it gets heavier steeper, and tough roads in front of you become easier to overcome with its support.

Almost every hiking shoes have a material that is easy to dry and firm platform but yet flexible and there are low cut types. These are for flat roads, so as mentioned earlier the boots might be uncomfortable because it tends to hurt the ankle but low-cut shoes are more risky.

  • So support from ankle is important and if the road is not that simple, choose shoes with ankle support
  • Finally, choose the one best depending on where you going. If it is a forest trail expect that it will be muddy or slippery then choose boots that are waterproof
  • If it is rocky trail, hiking shoes with toe protection and more grip will be suitable.

Before you go for a long journey try how your shoes are fitting by going around with them for a while. Do some research about your hiking spot and plan for it to enjoy the main purpose instead of struggling with the wrong shoes.

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