Hiking is becoming the daily life of some people. It is not just about walking rather more serious routine for people who like adventures. So gear and gadgets are must use needs, then what gadgets come to your mind when your plan to go hiking? So we going to talk about why a backpack is important in hiking.

No matter where to go or how long it will take, almost everyone bring their belongings with themselves right, no differently for hiking a bag should be there to accompany us to be able to have a travel with no fear. Just any bag should not do, there is a stereotype that everyone follows when go hiking which is actually true that backpack is the best to bring with you when hiking.

What kind of backpack to carry when you go hiking

There are many kinds of backpacks, but for hiking a sustainable and durable backpack is important. Hiking
is an outdoor activity and you can encounter natural creatures such as animals or unexpected

Even if you check the weather beforehand, the sun might make your foods inside go rotten or rain might soak all your clothes and electronic gadgets wet. So to not have this unfortunate events, material that is waterproof and sunproof should be the best for your comfort.

Also, since you are going to carry it on your back along your journey, it should be a good fit to your back right? From the idea of backpack, it is to balance the weight on both sides in order to not cause any injuries.

On top of that if it has a hip belt, buckle across the chest and a breathable mesh material along the inside, it sits flat to your back which reduces the pressure on your back and keeps you cool by preventing excessive sweating.

What to carry inside your bag

We are quite long on this topic but some readers might wonder exactly what to carry when going hiking. Here are some good stuff that must be inside your bag.

  • Obviously, food and water is the main engine that makes human alive
  • A first aid kit should always be in your bag
  • Extra pair of shoes if possible, If you wear one shoe that you thought will do but turns out uncomfortable as long you wear it, you should change it to more comfortable one.
  • Map and compass is used instead of electronic gadgets
  • Headlamp and a battery for it should be there

After all, which season you are hiking is really important to consider what to carry.

What to carry during the winter

winter backpack carry

When it is winter, warming supplies could go in your bag such as

  • hot packs
  • gloves
  • jackets and more.

And a supplies that can start the fire. Some places it is not allowed to start a fire because it can lead to a bigger problem but if you planning to do start it when it is allowed you should be really careful to surroundings and make sure it is safe before leaving. Depending on where you going It can be snowy and slippery so people carry around multi-tools for snow and ice.

What to carry during the summer

summer backpack carry

During the summer a insects are quite a big problem for me as I really hate them to go into my things and
crawling through my body. There are thousands of insects outdoor which is scary and annoying not
because the exists but they causes damage to us.

Mosquito bites causes suffering to us right? There are many types of insects that bites so I carry around spray and repellent for sure. If the weather is too hot and sunny your skin will burn, so carrying some sunscreen is must.

Ideal backpack weight

It is important that you bring everything you need but do not overreact, just bring what you need and do
not bring useless things that just add weight to your backpack. For an adult, 20 percent of your body weight is maximum if you travel for days but for one day journey, 10 percent of your weight is enough.

As long as you travel the lighter weight makes your journey easier to make you faster and farther with no pressure. Carry the bag with the same length from both sides and buckle it up and straighten your back for a comfortable posture.

How long the journey brings your backpack together so if it is a daytime journey think about the weather
and where you going. For overnight or longer journey make sure to bring a sleeping bag and tents for your

Whatever you do especially if you go alone safety is first, consider everything and be prepared.
Personal preference is most important so as it is your journey make sure you are the more comfortable
and happy through the activity.

Keeping everything inside your bag is the most stable conclusion, so try to have a bigger sized bag to fit everything in but fits your body frame. Hiking is for your joy, do not put yourself under influence of others. Enjoy the activity for your challenge with more comfort. Do not get lost, have track of where you going.

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