Here is the list of equipment that you will find necessary for your hiking trip. Let is dive into What hiking equipment do you need.

What clothes to wear

From the top to bottom your safety always comes first, so try to wear proper clothes that is for hiking. Hiking clothes are made of resistant materials that endure circumstances such as rain and wind.

The cotton materials are not suitable cause it holds into the water which means it holds sweat and makes you feel heavy, the bottoms should be stretchy to make you move freely. Also, you must protect your skin from the sun, so can wear hats that are sunproof. When going in the nature try to not show any skin because it is not a fashion show.

Wearing a long sleeves, long pants and socks are better a way to protect from bugs and any scratches. As for the shoes, if it is not an extreme situation try to go with lighter shoes and make them fit your feet before the real hiking by running or walking in them as a practice.

What kind of pack to use?

Next, consider where you are going and pack your things in a suitable backpack. There are many manufacturers and many features that can be ideal for some people while some others are interested in a different one. A backpack with pockets outside which will be helpful to carry small-sized things.

And lightweight backpacks with breathable mesh at the back supporting you and protecting from excess sweating that has an adjustable back size and optional sections that reach the main compartment have been on the market as well. Most importantly if it has good quality go with it.

What to carry in your pack?

Food and drinks

A whole day or a few hours trip does not differ that much, only the amount of water and food can be adjusted. As for the foods have some with enough calories to replenish your daily intake and take up as small space as possible. So many experienced hikers said that they always bring nuts, dried fruits, and energy bars.


It is important to know how the paths are and how it changes with the weather. If it is a rainy day expect that it will be more energy-draining and challenging, so pack some navigation tools to not get lost and you do not know how dry or wet it could be. Technical devices are highly expected to not function.

Emergency tools

Emergency situations can occur in any case, so emergency foods and extra layers of clothes, and emergency blankets should go with you. The headlamp is one of the important ones because time passes quickly with no one noticing and sunsets quite easier than you think. The survival knife is needed for cutting down some branches to build some shelter and protect from wild animals.

Whistles must-have tool for a trip, these are the convenient and excellent gear to give a signal to someone nearby that shouting out. Once, in my lesson a few years ago we were discussing about how to survive in a situation where you are left alone in an unknown place.

Then there was a mirror on the list and it is still vivid in my mind because before that I did not even think of that but realised it is actually really useful.

Needs for a long trip

Where to sleep when hiking? Probably outside, so tent or sleeping bag with high strong quality are must equipment because it is extremely cold even it is summer that even can lead someone to freeze. Cooking equipment are for multi-purpose use, if it is a long trip you cannot take everything you eat ready right?

Think you will light a fire and boil your water and food in a pot, so carry a suitable sized pot and always make sure to clean your area and pickup your waste by carrying your bag to collect trash.


Personal hygiene is an inseparable part of our life, therefore carry toothpaste, a toothbrush, and soap and wipes to quickly wipe down dirt on your body. Some people bring earplugs, it is understandable because bugs can go into your ear.


Hiking does not mean only walking, so group of people go together to enjoy every moment. Doing your hobbies there is not a bad idea like drawing, reading, writing and playing cards. Wild animals are curious about new things in their living area, be aware of any animals going to you and there are many types of small and large.

Once a goat with horns attacked our tent and it got ripped that cannot be fixed anymore, so be aware. Do not make your packs heavy with too many things and extra pieces of the same thing. And do not go off the trail even if you are familiar with it.

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